How to make an Anaglyph 3D Video

Using "Sony Vegas"

( I'll make this page "pretty" and update with more information in the next few days)


3D Sample #1 (20MB)

3D Sample #2 (28MB)



1) To create the anaglyph 3D effect, you need two camcorders, preferably the same model, or at least the same type.  I personally have two 1CCD (yes, cheapy) camcorders, a Sony TRV140 and a Sony TRV280.


2) The camcorders need to be about 3" inches apart (the distance between your eyes...)

     I will show how I mounted my two camcorders to a 2x4 later.


3) Make a note of which camcorder is the "left" and "right".


4) After recording, name the two AVI's  "left-eye" and "right-eye", or something so you won't forget which is which!


5) I use the free Virtual Dub for the next steps of separating the fields.


6) Run Virtual Dub by clicking on VirtualDub.exe after you installed it.


7) Click File, then Open Video Project, and find your "left-eye" AVI file.



8) Now click on Video, then Filters, then click Add:



9) Select DeInterlace and click OK:



10) Select Duplicate Field 1, then click OK:



11) Click on the Video menu again, and select a Codec, I have used MJPEG and Microsoft Video 1 successfully:



12) Now click on the File menu and select Save As AVI:



13) Repeat steps 7-12 for your Right-Eye video, but use Duplicate Field 2 this time:



14) In Vegas, put your Left Eye track on top at 50% Opacity, and put your Right Eye track below.  Make sure they are synchronized in time.  You should also remove one of your audio tracks, both are not needed and may cause a slight echo:


15) Change the Compositing Mode to Screen:


16) Add the Sony Levels FX to the Left Eye track and change the Blue Channel's Output End to 0.000 as shown below:


17) Add another Sony Levels FX to the Left Eye track and change the Green Channel's Output End to 0.000 as shown below:


18) Add the Sony Levels FX to the Right Eye track and change the Red Channel's Output End to 0.000 as shown below:


19) Your Preview window will now show that kind of reddish blue looking video:


20) Now simply render your video in your favorite format. (WMV, MPG2, AVI, etc)


21) Put on your 3D glasses and have fun!


You can get 3D glasses here for $1.00:  (you'll need the red/cyan kind for this tutorial)

If you wanted to make a red/blue video, get $1.00 glasses here:



3D Sample #1 (20MB)

3D Sample #2 (28MB)