Download The GH2 Hack Pack
Everything you need is in the folder. Easy!!

Step 1 : Download the Gh2 hack pack and unzip the folder.
Step 2 : Run “Ptool3.64d (200212)”
step 3: Load Firmware, “GH2__V11″
Step 4: The letter J will be highlighted in green along the button, click the letter J to load the patch settings.
Step 5: Select Save Firmware and save it as GH2__V1x , the x can be any number from 0 – 9 just don’t over write the original firmware so don’t use..1!
Step 6: Put the new firmware on your GH2 SD card, (Freshly formatted and with a full battery charge) With the firmware now on the card you can disconnect and turn the camera off.
Step 7: Turn the camera on and push the play/preview button. The camera will detect the firmware and ask you if you want to update, select yes. Please be careful not to interrupt the update, don’t push any buttons or turn it off during the update because it will likely brick the camera.
Step 8 : Wait a minute and you are set! Enjoy !!

*Mac users are getting a “.cpgz” added to the firmware file name after the .bin. The correct extension for the firmware is .bin, that is what the camera looks for, fix that before trying to load it in camera.

*Keep i mind you can use the patches from the patch pack instead of the one included by just dropping them in the same folder. Their respective letters will light up and you can just click those instead.
**Remember to view basic hardware set up for hacking in CH.2 and recommended SD Cards in CH.4**