Corporate Video

North Carolina

DibbVids differentiates itself from other corporate video production companies in that we are highly client focused and are committed to working closely with you to ensure we capture exactly what you're looking for in a corporate video.

Our team of creative and talented videographers will do what ever it takes to create powerful and captivating corporate videos that will stick in your viewer’s minds and get you the results your company demands.


We can help you make virtually any type of corporate video you need including, marketing videos, TV/ Internet commercials, training videos, and documenting corporate events.

Moreover, DibbVids delivers your corporate video in the video format that works best for you including, internet formats, multimedia CDs, DVDs, or nearly any professional tape format.

Our corporate videos are very reasonably priced, so no matter what size your business is, you'll find a video option that's right for you.



Full video coverage of your corporate event for small to large businesses including: annual meetings, presentations, parties, commemorative & anniversary presentations as well as guest lecturers.  Complete documentation of these events edited down to any length of your choosing.

Prices vary depending on the complexity and length, but start at just $995

Corporate Marketing Video
Whether you need a sales, marketing, or promotional video, DibbVids can produce nearly any corporate marketing video that meets your company's needs. We can produce short commercials to long running infomercials for use online, television, or to show at your leisure on DVD or CD-Rom. We'll work with you through every step of the process to ensure your corporate marketing video provides the results you require.

Corporate Training Video
There is no better way to get the most out of your employees and increase your business’s efficiency and productivity than with a corporate training video.  Our custom corporate training videos will clearly communicate the relevant information that employees need to know, consistently and effectively, while captivating their interest.  We’ll work closely with you to customize the perfect corporate training video for your small, medium or large business.

Corporate Profiles & Presentation Videos
Create the perfect corporate video profile for your company that will effectively communicate your business’s values, principles and direction.  Additionally, communicate to investors, clients, and employees with a unique corporate video presentation that is sure to get your message across.  We’ll help you get the results you want.